Bernardo Aravena


Bernardo has been working with metals and stones since he was ten years old.
A talented and skilled young man whose connection to nature can be perceived through his work.
His unique designs and fine finishings are prove of his creativity and perfectionism.
Bernardo has successfully delivered thousands of custom-made jewels and crafts going beyond customers' expectations.

Bernardo does not have formal studies on Goldsmithing, however his natural talent and skills led him to become a fine and unique self-taught Artist, being his first approach to business in "Pueblito Los Dominicos", the most important handicraft fair in Santiago city where he also became disciple
of well-known Chilean artists such as Abelardo Arenas & Edgar Sandoval.

Cristina Vera A.

Chilean Painter and Visual Artist.

Cristina has painted and drawn since she can remember. She formally started to paint in 2003 and began exhibiting her works in 2009 in different Art Galleries in Chile (Concepcion, Chillan, Temuco and Los Angeles) and in the United States (New York).
Her creations are focused on imaginary characters, Nature, Trees & Forest with background Dripping techniques (action painting) and different Acrylic & Oil Painting techniques with Paintbrush and Palette Knife.
The aim of Cristina’s work is to try to make people dream in surrealistic ways with intense colors and contrasts and to open their consciousness to live and value life.
Since 2018 she exhibits her Works in Atacama Craft Shop & Atelier in San Pedro de Atacama.

Maria Luz Aguilar

Chilean Plastic Artist, Sculptress, Painter and Writer.

From 1975 to 2019, she has created innumerable Sculptures with different types of clay. Such Sculptures have been individually and collectively exhibited in several exhibition rooms in Chile.
She also taught sculpture and painting and published three books with poems: 1) “En el regazo de la tierra“, 1996, 2) “ La falda de bambula “, 1999, 3) “ En el íntimo silencio ”, 2001.
Between 2010 and 2016, she worked strongly with Stoneware and different metals, together with outstanding master sculptors such as Consuelo de la Maza and Javier Stichkin.
In 2012, she was invited to New York to exhibit a selection of her Stoneware and Copper works in “Jadite Gallery” Currently, and back in home town Concepcion, she exhibits her sculptures made in different glazed-oxidized clays and aluminum, together with her daughter Cristina Vera (Painter).
Since 2019 she exhibits her Works in Atacama Craft Shop & Atelier located in San Pedro de Atacama.

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